Sunday, 30 October 2011

Occupy Wellington: a project

The Occupy Movement is getting a bad name for something so positive - so many people judge without taking the time to understand it properly themselves. I spent a little bit of time there last weekend, talking to someone about the situation and listening to what people were saying, because I wanted to understand more. And now I want other people to understand them more too, rather than jumping to conclusions, or taking them at face value, or relying too much on the media.

So when I saw this website I became inspired, and yesterday I began this little project. I got a cheap little whiteboard and marker, packed my camera, and headed down to the campsite. And not only did I get an incredible result, I learned so much! These people are all so positive and supportive, and they were really encouraging about my idea.

Below are some of the shots I got, with the full set here.

If you are in Wellington, I encourage you to stop by Civic Square, whether to have a chat or just listen, even if only for 5 min, even if you don't necessarily support them, because I think it's really important to take the opportunity to understand them a little bit more. They don't bite! :)

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  1. Nice one Penelope :D

    I read somewhere that we should give our children two things, roots and wings.


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